EndoliftX®: The Laser
Evolution of Lifting

EndoliftX®: the non-surgical lifting form immediate, long-lasting and natural results

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What is EndoliftX®

EndoliftX®: advanced laser technology for the best clinical results with less pain and less post-treatment impact.

A glimpse into EndoliftX®

A medical laser treatment performed exclusively by LASEmaR® 1500 to reshape both deep and superficial skin layers, firm, retract the connective tissue, stimulate new collagen production, and, when necessary, reduce excess fat.

EndoliftX®main advantages

  • Immediately visible results
  • Continuous improvement in the following months
  • Suitable with other procedures
  • One session
  • Minimal or no downtime

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  • Endolift®
  • EndoliftX®
  • EndoliftXs
  • LipoLaserMax
  • LipoLaserX

How EndoliftX® works

Our technology is made of quality.

LASEmaR® 1500

The only laser designed for EndoliftX® with multidisciplinarity in mind.

EndoliftX®optical microfibers

Optical fibers specifically designed for our line of treatments for increasingly precise applications. With enhanced emission and a lighter, safer coating, they offer even better performance and shorter treatment times.

LightSCAN ™

The complement of choice to improve EndoliftX® results.

Scientific evidence

EndoliftX® and Endolift® have a large number of studies and bibliographies that guarantee that the system is safe and effective. We have 10 years of history and research and continue to publish new developments every year.

Quality certifications

Safety is a must for us. Our systems benefit from all international certifications in the markets in which they are offered. They apply the highest quality standards worldwide.


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Riccardo Forte

Aesthetic Surgeon, MD, Como

Having carried out hundreds of Endolift® treatments I'm still in love with the procedure, it is second to none when comes to non-surgical face lifting and body contouring.

Roberto Ruffa

Aesthetic Surgeon, Pianezza

Before discovering Endolift®, I was always looking for innovative solutions to improve my offer in the aesthetic field. The introduction of Endolift® into my practice has revolutionized the way I treat my patients, offering extraordinary results without invasive interventions. Observing the visible improvement in the texture and elasticity of my patients' skin was a tangible testimony to its power. Endolift® has not only elevated my standard of care but has also strengthened the trust and loyalty of my patients. Thanks to this, my profession has gained prestige and recognition.

Marcin Wolfinger

MD, Krakow

Endolift® exceeds all expectations, bridging the gap between surface tightening and surgery. The results are remarkable!

Priya Verma

MD, London

The arrival of Endolift® in the UK aesthetics industry marks a revolution in non-surgical skin tightening; with no downtime and minimal anaesthesia, this treatment modality really is a game-changer.

FAQ: your guide to the answers about EndoliftX®

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How much does EndoliftX® cost?

How much does LASEmaR® 1500 cost?

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