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Riccardo Forte

Aesthetic Surgeon, MD, Como

Having carried out hundreds of Endolift® treatments I'm still in love with the procedure, it is second to none when comes to non-surgical face lifting and body contouring.


Roberto Dell’Avanzato

Aesthetic Surgeon, Bergamo

I have been using the Endolift® technique since 2005 with constant, growing and innovative satisfaction. I was the first doctor to experience the potential of the treatment, which I have enhanced throughout the years. Thanks to my adjustments, today Endolift® does not require any local anesthesia, the quality of the outcomes has improved dramatically and the number of international doctors using it has also grown. I perform Endolift® on a daily basis, having treated roughly 5.000 patients since 2005.


Roberto Ruffa

Aesthetic Surgeon, Pianezza

Before discovering Endolift®, I was always looking for innovative solutions to improve my offer in the aesthetic field. The introduction of Endolift® into my practice has revolutionized the way I treat my patients, offering extraordinary results without invasive interventions. Observing the visible improvement in the texture and elasticity of my patients' skin was a tangible testimony to its power. Endolift® has not only elevated my standard of care but has also strengthened the trust and loyalty of my patients. Thanks to this, my profession has gained prestige and recognition.


Mariusz Borkowski

MD, Poland

(…) As a doctor, I am responsible for the safety of my patients. Therefore, effectiveness and the highest safety profile are the most important criteria for me when choosing the procedures. And Endolift® meets them all. LASEmaR® 1500 is certified by the FDA and its mechanism of action is confirmed by many studies and tests, which guarantees its safety. The benefits of the multidimensional action of the laser allow both the lifting of the skin and the reduction of excess fat, which is of crucial importance. The results obtained are both immediate and extend over the next months when the skin is denser and more restructured due to the initiation of neo-collagenesis and the effect is long-lasting.


Dinko Kaliterna

Dermatologist, Zagreb

Endolift® represents the biggest breakthrough in my career since I started working years ago. I have tested almost every device available on the market, but I was impressed the most with the results of the Endolift®. I find this device very important because it's a minimally invasive device that brings the results of an invasive one, without or with minimal downtime for the first time. At the same time this device is multi-purpose: it can be used for many indications, not only aesthetics but also for medical purposes. I can say that Endolift® represents the main working horse in my clinic and I would recommend them strongly.

Tapan Patel

MD, London

Endolift® is the tool we’ve been missing in aesthetics. This changes everything!


Dorota Bystrzanowska

MD, Warsaw

(…) This equipment allows me to carry out minimally invasive procedures while achieving very satisfying results – skin tightening as well as a reduction of local fats. I especially like to use it for the jawline and around the sides of the face. It is also important to the patient that the downtime is very short, and that apart from redness and short-term tissue tenderness there are no side effects from the procedure. The procedure is performed with local cooling only, and each time, I am impressed at how well my patients endure it.

Aleksandra Lesiak

Habilitated Doctor, Poland

(…) The most important benefit of Endolift® is the subtle re-sculpting of the lower part of the face and neck as well as the skin under the eyes, which are always challenging areas to treat. (…) The further distinguished feature of the procedure is the skin retraction and laxity reduction, without practically any visible damage (only slight edema) which promotes the skin tightening. I can work with skinny as well as obese patients with good results no matter the season. The dialogue with the patient has also improved as there are immediate results visible (…).


Daniele Bollero

Plastic Surgeon, Torino

LASEmaR®1500: this device is the most suitable for plastic surgeons. It is moderately invasive, requires good manual skill from the operator, and provides spectacular results in a single session. Furthermore, its versatility is another strong point, it can accompany us from the office to the operating room, from fractional skin rejuvenation to Endolift® and laser lipolysis ... In short, I have found a new faithful ally!

Emre Kaynak

Dermatologist, Istanbul

Endolift® provides new insight into non-surgical face and neck lifting with amazing results. Not just for the face and neck but also for knees, elbows, buttocks, and where the skin needs to be tightened. Moreover, Endolift® is a very effective procedure for acne scars. After Endolift® patients are astonished by the younger appearance. It makes satisfying tightening and brightening on the skin. In more serious cases my strategy is the combination of different treatments (threads, hifu, fillers) with Endolift®. Improving the quality of the skin with Endolift®, before any other treatment, guarantees more effective and natural results, for a longer period.


Fabrizio Melfa

MD, Palermo

Endolift® is an extraordinary treatment with minimal discomfort and no downtime, Endolift® is able to produce results comparable to surgical interventions!

Iwona Radziejewska-Choma

MD, Poland, Warsaw

(…) I wanted to introduce Endolift® into my clinic, especially for the latest generation optical microfibres as thin as 200-300 microns used with the LASEmaR® 1500. (…) What is most appreciated by my patients is the minimal invasiveness of Endolift® treatment thanks to the use of fibers whose application is practically imperceptible. (…) Their conical tip and flexibility allow the operator to penetrate the tissues better and more precisely, reaching even the most problematic areas of the face and body. Certainly, this result is much more difficult to achieve through other technologies with thicker optical fibers or more rigid cannulae.


Luigi Mazzi

Aesthetic Surgeon, Verona

Endolift® is an innovative method that provides excellent results without causing any traumas or requiring any anesthesia. This allows the doctor to work safely and the patient to undergo the treatment carefreely. During the Endolift® treatment, a very small fiber is used for both the dermal heating and the lysis of the adipose tissue, to obtain natural and appreciable outcomes. Endolift® is a winning method not only for face and neck lifting but also for treating localized adiposities in the body and for axillary hyperhidrosis.


Sebastian Laspina

Surgeon and Dermatologist, Udine

For some years now I have been using Endolift® with increasingly satisfactory results. The correct clinical indication, the improvement of the technique together with the mini-invasiveness and short recovery times are the strengths of this treatment for facial sagging, with truly natural and gradual results over time.

Anita Jablonowska

MD, Kosek/ Olsztyn

(…) The most important benefit of Endolift® is the subtle re-sculpting of the lower part of the face and neck as well as the skin under the eyes, which are always challenging areas to treat. (…) The further distinguished feature of the procedure is the skin retraction and laxity reduction, without practically any visible damage (only slight edema) which promotes the skin tightening. I can work with skinny as well as obese patients with good results no matter the season. The dialogue with the patient has also improved as there are immediate results visible (…).


Monica Baldessin

Aesthetic Doctor, Treviso

I have been using the Endolift® method on the face and neck for years with good results and patient satisfaction. I consider it a great alternative to biostimulation and suspension threads with reduced costs and stable results over time. The LightSCAN ™ non-ablative fractional laser is an often-underestimated method, complementary to Endolift® treatments which allows you to harmonize areas such as the upper and lower eyelid region, marionette, and anterior platysma area, improving firmness and skin texture. Side effects after treatment are very rare. Patients recover quickly and can go back to work and social activities straightaway.

Joanna Haratym

MD, Kielce

(…) Is there a method that is minimally invasive and at the same time helps to treat the lower part of the face? This is a question that I have tried to answer for years and finally managed to find it! Endolift®.In an incredibly painless and minimally invasive way, it addresses excess fat, fat, and skin laxity in different areas of the face and body. LightSCAN™ fractional non-ablative treatment is the second amazing option that the LASEmaR® 1500 offers. It helps regain tissue compactness and improve the texture of the skin on the face.


Rory Boud

MD, London

Endolift® creates surgical results using a minimally invasive procedure with barely any downtime. It's hard not to be amazed by the results it delivers.

Karolina Pazera

MD, Kielce

Thanks to Endolift® by Eufoton®, the lower middle third of the face - one of the most difficult areas (bumps, double chin, and jawline), is not a problem anymore. Endolift® has become a consolidated practice in the treatment of face and body problems. My patients are satisfied with the minimally invasive procedure, the alternative to face lifting, and the spectacular results of the treatment. Endolift® is a pain-free way for face and body rejuvenation and remodeling. In my opinion, it is the best laser treatment in our clinic.


Patrizia Sacchi

Aesthetic Doctor, Ancona

I bought the 1470 nm Eufoton® laser and found that its technology provides excellent therapeutic support during my daily activities. With this laser, I can perform full face treatments on my patients. A small fiber allows the magnifying of the oval of the face and skin tightening (…) and removes localized fat deposits. At the same time, I can also treat skin aging by performing a fractional photothermolysis to give back brightness and elasticity to the skin. Treating the first signs of aging without incisions and allowing patients to go back to their regular activities almost immediately after the treatment is a winning combination and an important plus in my job as an aesthetic surgeon.

Krzysztof Ziemlewski


The Endolift® treatment is a one-time procedure, and the results obtained during one treatment session are both immediate (fat deposits permanent reduction and collagen fibers retraction visible through skin tension and wrinkle smoothing) and they build up in the following months in which new collagen is formed. The final effects of slimming, lifting, and skin tightening shall be obtained around 3-6 months later. What is important, they are long-lasting.


Priya Verma

MD, London

The arrival of Endolift® in the UK aesthetics industry marks a revolution in non-surgical skin tightening; with no downtime and minimal anaesthesia, this treatment modality really is a game-changer.

Rita Rakus

MD, London

Truly impressive results, close to the expectations of a traditional surgical procedure, Endolift® is the new frontier in non-surgical facelifting.


Adriano Santorelli

Plastic Surgeon, Napoli

For me, as a plastic surgeon, introducing a technology means having results comparable to a surgical operation and Endolift® gives them! I usually use it for the jawline and the lower eyelid as an alternative to much more invasive interventions or in combined protocols. Many of the treatments can be performed without anesthesia with an almost immediate recovery. LASEmaR®1500 for Endolift® is a fundamental piece of equipment for every aesthetic medicine and surgery practice.

Ali Ghanem

Prof, London

Endolift® has become an essential treatment in my practice as it offers reliable and highly bespoke solutions to a variety of conditions from prominent eyebags, festoons, jowls, or double chin to skin laxity of arms, knees, inner thigh, or abdomen.


Antonino Araco


I practice the Endolift® treatment for face and neck lifting. I consider it a safe and effective treatment, as the fiber guarantees minimal trauma and maximum efficiency in reaching the hypodermis to allow its remodeling. Also, I recommend the 1470nm wavelength for fractional rejuvenation.


Denis Kanliada

MD, London

Endolift® is impressive! A great option for a non- surgical facelift.


Matteo Tretti Clementoni

Aesthetic Surgeon, Milano

I missed a method that could give me such brilliant results. The laxity of the lower third of the face and neck associated with a minimum of excess subcutaneous adipose tissue is the main indication of this method, but I have also had very good results in treating minimal localized adipose tissue and above all skin laxity of body areas. Every time I perform a treatment, I am amazed by the minimal pain the patient feels and how easy it is to perform. Ultimately it is the method that best combines results and patient commitment while maintaining extreme treatment precision and a very high safety profile.

Eda Yildirim

MD, Istanbul

Since the introduction of Endolift® in my practice my patients have been astonished by their before and after images. Best on the market for the wow factor results.


Marcin Wolfinger

MD, Krakow

Endolift® exceeds all expectations, bridging the gap between surface tightening and surgery. The results are remarkable!


Bruno Bovani

Plastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor, Perugia

I chose Endolift® because I was looking for a device that would allow me to correct skin laxity to obtain more harmonious body profiles. I am very satisfied with the results achieved by combining the Ultrasonic Lipoemulsion to eliminate superfluous fat with the Endolift® treatment for toning the aspirated tissues during the same operating session.

Joney De Souza

MD, London

Most advanced, no downtime face lifting, skin tightening, sculpting treatment for the new age of non-surgical treatments.

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