What is EndoliftX®

EndoliftX® is a non-surgical medical laser procedure that uses innovative optical microfibers.

Microfibers are connected to LASEmaR® 1500, a laser device designed by Eufoton®, and are inserted into the hypodermis without incisions and thanks to the delivery of selective laser energy they create micro tunnels aligned with the antigravity vectors.

The specific wavelength of the applied laser interacts perfectly thermally and selectively with water and fat, triggering neo-collagenesis and some metabolic functions of the extracellular matrix.

As a result, collagen production increases in the deep skin layers, leading to a superior “tightening” effect, i.e. the reduction of skin laxity, and “sculpting”, thus remodeling the fibrous septae without creating thermal and fibrotic damage. Where necessary, the selective wavelength of the same laser can also activate the dissolution of fat cells (lipolysis).

Little to no downtime is required and patients can return to their normal routine in just a few hours, with no pain or recovery time as with surgical or cannula-assisted procedures.

Doctors are carefully trained with the courses of the EndoliftX® Academy of Eufoton® according to specific programs and only those who have received accreditation are present in the “Find a Doctor” area.

Treatment areas and effects

According to the official EndoliftX® protocol, the suitable areas concern the face (lower eyelid, lower middle third, jawline, under chin, and neck) and the body (inner arms, abdomen, gluteus, knee, inner thigh, ankle). In these areas, EndoliftX® produces effects on multiple levels:

Deep layer

Dissolution of fat cells (lipolysis), collagen remodeling and photobiomodulation

Superficial and structural layer

“Skin tightening” effect and skin rejuvenation

EndoliftX® history



Eufoton® is founded by Ovidio Marangoni MD, pioneering the use of optical fibers in endovenous and dermatological applications.


Laser 808 microfiber

P.A. Bacci MD and O. Marangoni MD are the first to theorize and present the laser 808 nm microfiber’s use for skin remodelling.


Eufoton® laser 1470nm

First experiences of laserlipolysis using Eufoton® 1470 nm laser by D. Cassuto MD, R. Dell’Avanzato MD, L. Mazzi MD, Z. Zgaljardic MD.


FDA clearence

Eufoton obtains FDA clearence for use of laser 1470 nm in plastic surgery, dermatological and aesthetic applications.


FTF linear microfibers

Introduction of FTF linear microfibers for Endolift®.


First publication

First scientific publication on Endolift® (L. Scrimali, G. Lomeo, R. Dell’Avanzato, A. Crippa MD).


LASEmaR® 1500 4G

Introduction of LASEmaR® 1500 4G version with Endolift® dedicated software.


Radial microfibers

Introduction of Endolift® radial microfibers.


Evolution of microfibers, laser and technique

Evolution of microfibers, laser and technique: EndoliftX® and Endolift Xs are born in teamwork with R. Forte MD.


Third generation of microfibers

Third generation of microfibers specific for Endolift®, EndolifX® and EndoliftXs.



Best outpatient medical procedure for skin tightening and skin sculpting for face and body


Safe and immediate results, with long-term effects


Minimal or no downtime


Ultra-safe interstitial application of the new microfibres, for a more delicate sliding in the remodeling of the connective septa


The new ultra-resistant microfibers of smaller calibers do not require any insertion needle for subcutaneous insertion


The procedure can be performed without the need for a support cannula as the delivery device is extra tested and safe in both anterograde and retrograde action


Suitable for all ages, phototype, tan and skin thickness


Synergistic therapeutic combination with fractional laser (Lightscan™) and other injectable and EBD aesthetic medicine procedures


Certified to the highest standards (CE, ISO, FDA, and other certifications in the different countries where EndoliftX® is marketed)


Dedicated International Academy

Find your treatment

The starting point of a successful treatment is the analysis of the patient’s situation and the choice of the treatment that best suits his needs; for this reason, Eufoton has created different types of protocols:


Endotissue-type outpatient medical-aesthetic treatment for the remodeling of the deep and superficial layers of the skin, firming, retraction of the connective septa and stimulation of collagen production (skin tightening). Endolift® is a minimally invasive treatment and is performed without anesthesia.


Non-surgical medical laser treatment for the remodeling of the deep and superficial layers of the skin, toning, skin tightening and sculpting, and resolution of localized fat deposits without suction of excess fat. It is a minimally invasive treatment and local anesthesia can be used.


Non-surgical laser lifting treatment for the resolution of blemishes caused by localized skin elastosis, laxity and adiposity, with aspiration of excess fat.


Surgical laser lifting treatment for the lipolysis of wide body areas through the action of a handpiece and the suction of excess fat.


Surgical laser lifting treatment to get a skin toning effect following traditional liposuction, to improve the results.

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